The story of Start Birdwatching

Mathias Nguyen Bird Watching Expert 1 edited

Short Bio: Start Birdwatching was founded by Mathias Nguyen. He is a new birding enthusiast who discovered his passion for birdwatching after spending a year at a school with a focus on nature, sustainability, and the exploration of new hobbies.

Mathias founded Start Birdwatching in 2021, shortly after discovering his new interest in birdwatching, and has since spent nearly every day researching, studying, and exploring birdwatching.

Here is how Mathias gets his information…

My experience with birds is limited, so where should I look for information? To summarize, I worked professionally with Google Searching for many years prior to founding Start Birdwatching and am thus capable of finding the correct information for each article. My methodology consists of a combination of subjective blog posts on bird watching sites and forums, as well as scientific research papers and studies, if necessary in the given blog article.

I was overjoyed after writing my first post because I had received positive feedback and could see the potential of sharing my birdwatching passion on the internet while also learning.

I am constantly exploring and researching new topics, which is why my articles range from more scientific lists about birds to strange questions like how many legs a duck has.

I hope you have a good time on my blog!

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